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Mental Health Support for Bodybuilding athletes

Are you a bodybuilding athlete struggling with the mental demands of this sport?


If you are looking for support so you can be the best athlete you want to be, you've come to the right place. Mental health issues don't have to get in the way. They can be addressed. And the result can have a positive ripple effect to other areas of your life too.

I started bodybuilding in late 2020 and competed in my first show in 2021. It's been absolutely life changing for me and I love it. Having been on my own bodybuilding journey and competing in it, I know what it's like to: 

  • Have a goal to aim and strive for every day

  • Push your body in ways not many can understand

  • Have mental challenges that go along with that

  • Juggle this sport with other demands or commitments in life


I love supporting athletes with their mental health so they can develop a champion mindset that can handle challenges they face along the way, and step off stage knowing, no matter their placing, that they are the best version of themselves mentally and emotionally.

If you have ever struggled with:

  • Body image issues, body dysmorphia

  • Maintaining your focus and drive to stick to your training and nutrition plans

  • Comparing yourself to others' physiques

  • Dealing with critique and feedback

  • Setting boundaries

  • Communicating your needs with others

  • Dealing with social related issues

  • Sleep disturbance


Then I'm here to help and support you through these issues.

I do this by working with you using:

  • Evidence based psychological strategies that help you shift negative thinking

  • Behavioral techniques that challenge you to change your habits 

  • Mindfulness and relaxation techniques

  • Hypnosis


Mental health in this sport needs to be a priority so that you can learn strategies to address these struggles and be able to stay committed to your goal long term.

To get started, send your expression of interest below:

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Thanks for submitting your enquiry! Dr Efi will get in touch with you soon.

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