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I offer confidential therapy and counselling for a variety of issues and concerns (see Specialties). This is available online via phone or video, or face-to-face.  


The initial session focuses mainly on assessment, exploring what brings you to therapy, what your goals are, and how I can best work with you to meet these goals.


Therapy would then focus on addressing the factors underlying your difficulties, and working towards achieving your goals using strategies from a range of Therapeutic Approaches. I like to tailor therapy to each individual’s unique needs. Everybody is different and everybody’s experiences are different, so no two therapies are the same. I am here to listen to you in a safe space, where you can work out what you need and learn the unique combination of skills required to help you meet those needs and live your best life.


At regular intervals, we then review things to ensure that we are working effectively together to reach your goals and to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


Appointments are typically 50 minutes in duration.



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