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This hypnosis track is for you if:


  • You often find yourself thinking and worrying about things you need to do and then do nothing about them


  • You spend a lot of time and energy replaying scenarios in your head over and over, trying to anticipate an outcome


  • You freeze up at the thought of facing something that is important to you and end up avoiding it


  • You often feel tense and on edge


These are all symptoms of anxiety, which can be extremely overwhelming and disrupt your life in many ways. 


However, you can start feeling more calm and at ease with this hypnosis track.


As you listen repeatedly to this hypnosis track, it will:


  • Ease you into a relaxed state 


  • Help you become aware of your worries without judging them 


  • Help you convert your worries to actions and helpful decisions 


  • Help you convert your vulnerabilities to strengths


Repeated listening once a day for 2-3 weeks ensures maximum impact.

Duration: 15 minutes

Hypnosis to ease anxiety and take action

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